What is ClipConnections?

ClipConnections is a mobile application available on IPhone and Android smart phones. It allows for searching YouTube and DailyMotion websites for video clips. You may view them on your mobile or clip mark for later viewing. You can also share with friends. ClipConnections also features full fledged chat application. Chatting with friends on ClipConnections is fun and you can set the right tone for your chats. Group chatting is also available,
ClipConnections is also available on Facebook as an application where you can create custom playlists of videos from different sources (YouTube and DailyMotion). You may also set start and stop settings with in the clip. and share with your Facebook friends.
Collect your favorite videos from the Internet and save them in your ClipMarks or publish as a playlist, its all free !

Why do you need my cell phone number in Clipconnections?

ClipConnections enables you to share video clips, photos and also allows you to chat with friends. Phone numbers and Phone contacts are the way this communication is designed to happen. When you send a message to your phone contacts, you can be confident that those contacts have been verified by their phone numbers.

How to verify your mobile number in Clipconnections?

For verification, please enter your mobile number for using ClipConnections. Then after you receive a verification code cpby sms, enter that code in your phone. After verfication you can connect with your friends, share videos and enjoy ClipConnections.

Who I can send Messages to?

You can send messages to your phone contacts who are also using ClipConnections. You can also invite your phone contacts to CC(ClipConnections) by sending sms or by inviting them over facebook, gmail, whatsapp and other social messaging apps.

What can I share other than videos?

You can send text messages and photos through ClipConnections to your friends.

What kind of videos can I watch on ClipConnections?

At ClipConnections you can watch the clips from YouTube and DailyMotion. All the videos are free to watch, (data charges may be applicable as per your Internet/Data Service plan). The video searches are perfomed by using family-filter.

Is this a paid app?

It's free! We don't charge for using ClipConnections.

What is/are ClipMarks?

All the video clips that you marked as favorite will be stored as clipmarks. Consider them as your list of clips on your mobile. They are ready for you to play any time you have Internet access. They may be clips from different sources. },

What is ClipTrends?

ClipTrends are sekected Clips in the ctegories of Movies, News, Games etc. They are subcategorized lke Financial News, Sports News etc. They are refreshed regularly. Stay tuned for a lot of improvements in this area from us.

What is ClipMessages?

ClipMessages is where our chat application is presented. You can see the messages, clips and photos you received from your contacts. You can invite your friends from your phone contacts to start using ClipConnections.

How do I add contacts to ClipConnections?

The Clipconnections contacts will automatically be updated from your phone, if you granted the permission during the installation of the app.

Which devices are currently supported?

Android Smartphones having Android os version 2.3(Gingerbread) orabove and for IPhone from ios7 is supported, we are extending the support, stay tuned.

How to reinstall Clipconnections?

To update/reinstall you can simply go to google play or apple store to update the app.
After reinstalling the application afresh, the phone number verification is needed. Once verified, your previous messages may be retrieved.

How do I change my profile picture or name?

See the left panel for the option "Profile Image" and select the source of camera or gallery.

How do I delete my recent video history?

You can delete the history by clicking on the "Settings" options in left panel. Select "Clear video history" to clear the history.

How do I Configure privacy settings?

In the settings menu you can configure for notification sound and for the video mute mode. You can check for on/off for the notification sound to suit you best. The 'Mute' settings of the video will persist for the session.

Why am I unable to play a video?

If this is persistent, check your internet connection. In case you are getting this only for a particular video it's possible that that specific video has either been removed by publisher or it is restricted in your country.

Why am I not getting any Notification?

Make sure that:
-Internet is working for you.
-Verify that you have not turned off Notifications from the Application settings.

Data charges for using ClipConnections?

We don't charge for using ClipConnections, you can use the application for free. However the charges for using mobile data or the Internet access fees may be applicable be as per your service provider.

How many contacts can I have?

We don't limit on number of contacts in ClipConnections.You can add any number of contacts. Feel free to invite any number of contacts and enjoy sending videos, photos, text messages at will.

How to Invite Friends to ClipConnections?

You can send invitation by using the sms service (sms charges may be applicable as per your service provider) or you can invite contacts through social messaging apps like facebook,whatsapp, google+ etc.

How do I enable smiley/emojis keyboard in IPhone?

In the settings panel click on: general > keyboard > add emoji keyboard

Why I am not getting notification sound on my Android smart phone?

In the left menu panel look for "Settings" and check for the notification sound.

What will happen to my data if I remove the app and reinstall the app?

If you login with the same phone number your data will get restored i.e. all your clipmarks, searches, video history, contacts and messages will be stored.

I didn't receive any verification code yet. What do I do?

Please confirm that you are not facing any weak signal issues.If not, please make sure that:
-You have given the right phone number for receiving the verification code.
-We allow maximum three tries for requesting for the verification code make sure your have not crossed the limit.If Your maximum number of tries are over please wait for next 24hrs for requesting for the new code.

I started using a new device, can I restore my data?

Yes, if you are using your earlier number you can restore your previous data after ensuring some verification checks. We will send a verification code again to the same number in order for you to recover the data.

When I try to play a specific video, I am getting the message "This video cannot be played". What does it mean?

If you are getting this message only for a specific video, then either the video has been removed from the source site or playing of video is not allowed in your country.